Who is Tansen

Who was tanen?
History of tansen.
Introduction about tansen.
Tansen was an outstanding of hindustani Classical music. He was born in Hindus Family. and Date of birth is 1493 and place of birth is Gwalior, India.
By the way, it is said that the music was started by Brahmadevi and then Brahma Devi teach the music to Saraswati Devi.

In this way, music was gradually being passed on to all the people and today we know about music. Now the most famous composer of music is Tansen and is very famous.
In today’s history, his name is Tansen, which we will never forget. Today we will know about the history of Tansen.Who would have been the person who had never heard of Tansen’s name?
His real name was Tan sen or ramtanu.
And his father’s name was Mukund Pandey ( also known as Makand Pandy) Some people called Mukund Mishra.
He was a wealthy poet and musician.
He was the only son of his father, And they were cared for with great care and was very naughty.

He also used to imitate the animals. Swami Haridaas was very tight with his mischief. Once upon a time, Tan Sen concealed the sound of a lion and began to frighten them.
And at the same time, he asked his father to teach him music And took them with them to the Varindavan.
And Tansin started to live with Swami Haidaas Ji and for many years he studied music and went to him when his father was ill.

After a few days, his father passed away, and Mohammed started living near Ghaus.
Mrignaywni Dasi Hussaini impressed the beauty and music of Husseini, the queen, impressed Tansin.

Then Rani Mrignayani married Husseini and had four sons named .
Tanras Khan, Bilas Khan, Hamirsen Suratsen and daughter name is Saraswati Devi and all are musicians.

Tansen had two wifes. one wife name is Mehrunisa.Mehrunisa daughter of Akbar.

When they learned the music completely, the Rivansresh Ram Chand selected them to the music ghuru.

He gave Tansen as a gift to Akbar. Akbar was very happy to receive Tansen as he also loved music.

Gradually, the Akbar began to demand a lot of Tansen and other musicians started jealusing with him and conspiring to destroy Tansen.

They all told Akbar to listen to Deepak Rag from Tansen and see how interesting a Deepak Rag.

The thing that sat in the king’s mind that no one would sing to him, he asked Tansin to sing a deepak Rag. Tansen explained to the king that the end of this song would not be good so you should leave it stubborn.

But the king remained firmly on his stubborn end.

At the king’s request, Tansen sang the song .As the songs are sung, their heat will start to rise.Your flames started to come out from all around, and their bodies started to burn with heat.

His life could have been saved by Megh Rag.
His daughter, Saraswati, saved his father’s life by singing Megh Rag.

Later Akbar Raja regretted much. Tansen to declare Let’s not sang song any more than that and who sang would face Tansen.

Whoever loses will have to die at the same time so many musicians die because of Tansen because no one can beat him.
Tansen later became a Muslim after some time.

Some people say that it was only muslim when Tansen got married to Akbar’s daughter that some say he did not become Muslim.

He was died in 26 April 1586 in Delhi age (92-93)and was buried near the grave of Ghulam Ghaus. Urs are celebrated every year at his grave.

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