Who is Rahman baba

In today’s blog I will tell you about Rahman Baba and his Tomb.

Rahman Baba Born in Bahadur kelay, Hazar Khawani Peshawar Mughal Empire on 1653, Rehman Baba also has his shrine in Peshawar.
The age he found was from 74 to 75 years Abdul Rahman Baba was a great poet of Pashto.

September 16, 2005 This was a time when war was rampant in the Afghan nation.At the time when education was the last thing a child by the name of Abdur Rahman was born in the mountains of Mohmand province in the mountains of the Afghan nation.
Abdur Rehman was the greatest poet in the history of Pashto literature.From an early age he was very keen to study. He was always busy in his studies and at an early age he started reading poetry and writing.People also used to give him gifts of poetry. As he grew up, he began to have doubts about his works that when he was writing poetry he was not sure what he was writing and to whom he was writing.He abandoned the needs of the whole world.

and put himself in the affairs of Allah, and he became convinced that peace was only in the remembrance of Allah.

When he was busy in worship, he did not want anyone to disturb him. He had a deep love for God and a deep love for love.

And in this respect he wrote numerous poems through his religion.

And shortly after they became famous, from Afghanistan to Central Asia to the Indian subcontinent, India was widely praised.

Composers used his poetry in his songs.

because of his poetry and popularity, the Afghans gave him a distinguished name Baba gave the grandfather of the nation.

Rehman Baba published two books which were distributed to the whole Afghan poetry school in honor of him and many people comes to study in it.
Rehman Baba writes difficult poetry in such a unique way that no one can understand poetry.

Rahman Baba wanted to teach the whole world the meaning of life through the love and greatness of God. He also fought against human greed and corruption.

The Swat scholar said that if it was then permissible for prayer to follow the principles of the life of God, then I would have chosen the Book of Rehman without thinking.

If one looks at the poetry of Rehman Baba, it turns out that this great poet is born in the world and he has brought with him the gift of poetry.

Baba loved music and dance. He especially loved playing rubab.Baba’s poetry still holds great importance for Pashto literature.

Even today, their loved ones and their school students visit the tomb every year in Peshawar(NWFP).
He was died on December 1711(74-75)..

On the date of his death and birth..

On this special occasion poets from all over come to honor him with poems and speeches in his honor and this will continue throughout the ages.

His shrine is also in Peshawar
And a mosque is also part of their shrine.

There is a mosque in their mausoleum. The mosque is very beautifully built. People pray here.

There are also libraries in the shrine. There is also the tomb of his dear friend Thawas Gul Baba at the shrine of Abdul Rahman.

anchor is also distributed and there are music programs and poems.

On March 8, 2009, terrorists attacked Abdul Rehman Baba’s shrine, which badly damaged the shrine.It was rebuilt by the provincial government in 2012 with a grant of 44 million.

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