tuning the rabab

Rabab tuning

Tuning the rubab | Rabab Soor is a way to tune the rabab strings with each other, Learning tuning means learning half of the rabab.

Rabab tuning with detail in Pushto Language by Sohail Star

Standard rabab tuning eg if our rabab have 3 main strings 3 drone string 13 child strings, starting from the thickest String named ( Gatha\ kata ), to a lowest-pitched string. First of all, we need to know the basic theory of tuning and also keep in mind that for which Raag we are tuning rabab because we tune most string instruments to a specified Raag.

In the rabab instrument, we have three main strings, the first one (Gatha/Kata) is the thickest second (Bam) one is normal and the third one (Zir) is thinnest.

First, we need to tune the first string mean Ghata/Kata according to our choice. Here choice means that it’s free-hand that we tune first string very high in frequency or tune it loose because it’s not dependent on any string.

Second, we need to find the fifth fret of the first string in rabab and need to find its frequency ( You can note the frequency voice in mind or can use any app in your phone to find the frequency) Eg: if the first string frequency is set to 180 so the second string needs to be set to 180 frequency.

It’s mean that first string tuning is our choice but the second string need to be tuned to the first string fifth fret. In this way find the second string fifth fret frequency and tune the third string to that frequency so three main string is tuned to each other.

Now we need to tune the drone strings ( Shatar – String above the main string which is below the child – child string means support strings )

Ok to tune the Drone strings, first drone string tune to the frequency of first main string eg if first main string was 180 so tune the first drone to 180.

Now find the frequency of second-string (Bam) eg if the second string frequency is 230 so tune the second drone to 230.

Now the third-string need to be tune half of the frequency of the third main string (zir) eg if the third-string frequency was 320 so the third drone will be half mean 320/2= 160 so tune the third drone string to 160 this is called dim tuning.

Now it’s the time to tune the child strings also but to tune it you need to know the frets name strings names note names and ( s r g m p d n S) in rabab then we can tune it.

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