Afghani Rabab Alap

RAAG: BHAIRAVIAROH: s r g m p d n S.AVROH: S n d p m g r s Alap : s r g m p d p. p d p m g r ss r m r m p m READ MORE

Rabab Price

Rabab price depends on Rabab quality like Rabab wood rabab design rabab maker and rabab level. Rabab can be created from different tree wood some are expensive and have no crick etc some are low quality and broken in making READ MORE

Rabab tuning

tuning the rabab

Tuning the rubab | Rabab Soor is a way to tune the rabab strings with each other, Learning tuning means learning half of the rabab. Standard rabab tuning eg if our rabab have 3 main strings 3 drone string 13 child READ MORE