Sohail Star

sohail star

Muhammad Sohail Star is a Pakistan-born Student of the Rubab, an instrument of which he is considered a new generation teacher. Since moving to the Swat, he has collaborated with the Rabab Sargam academy and others.

SohailStar was born in 1995 in Pakistan in an educated family, he learned to play the rubab from his friends. He created a channel on 22 Jan 2017 (“youtube channel”), where he teaches rubab basic Sargam and goes up to the expert level.

In a 2017 interview with Swat News, Star said he had already introduced an android application (“My Rubab”) for a rubab learner by researching and developing his own rabab complete notation after verifying from many rabab masters of the time, he shares new techniques along the way. He plays and teaches on the slow-motion for the new learner than others do, and picks the strings in both directions and shares his idea to make it easy for the new learner who have no teacher in their city, and reached the rabab lover to a new level.

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