Rabab Star Tuning Formula

Star Tuning Formula : 1:1.34

Explained : This formula was developed by M.Sohail Star in 2020.

According to this formula

1 Step

If we try to tune First String “Ghata” with n (n= any number).

2 Step

Tune second string with n*1.34                             

3 Step

Tune third string with the result of second string*1.34


Lets we have selected to tune rubab first string with 136.

So we will tune second string with 136*1.34 = 182.24

Now we will tune third string with 182.24*1.34=244.20

Now to Tune Rubab Normally:

Set “ghata” string frequency value :170

Second String “Bam” :227.8

Third String “Zir” :305.25

If you have first Drone String available (Shatar) :170

Second Drone String (Shatar) : with second string

Third Drone String (Shatar) : (half of “zir string” or with “p” )

(We tune third drone string with third string “Zir” in Base tuning but If we tune Zir string high so Drone string will break if we tune it with zir so we mostly tune third drone string with “p” instead of “n” ).

1 peg tune with the “g”

2 with “m”

3 with “p”

4 with “d”

5 with “n”

6 with “S”

7 with “R”

8 with “G”

9 with “M”

10 with “P”

11 with “D”

12 with “N”

13 with “p” or “S”  

(We tune the last-child string with “S” in Base tuning but If we tune Zir string high so the last child will break if we tune it high like “S” because after 3 main strings we play the last child very much, so we mostly tune last-child string with “p” instead of “S” ).

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