Rabab Price

Rabab price depends on Rabab quality like Rabab wood rabab design rabab maker and rabab level.

Rabab can be created from different tree wood some are expensive and have no crick etc some are low quality and broken in making and not a good structure while making. No, any Rabab Maker has the magic and sweetness in their rabab some have naturally, some rabab play very good in start but after some time it becomes change and stops its sweet tune.

So it clear now that rabab price depends on quality. but today I will generally say that there are two main hubs of rabab that are famous in making rabab, The first is Afghanistan rabab ( Kabali Rabab ) second is Pakistan Rabab ( Peshawari Rabab ), There are also Rabab Makers in other places but this two name is at top for making best rabab and you can find best rabab teachers and rabab academy here.

Rabab price depends on Rabab which is discussed above but for your knowledge, I will just say that Generally, Rabab price starts from $80 US dolor (Low-quality Rabab) up to $1400 (Top-Quality) and $300 is mostly the choice of the most student because they want to get normal quality rabab.

The Last thing that rabab price can also change if it is simple or Designed with pearl shell. Example if you want to buy a low-quality rabab of price $80 and want to design on it so its price will change, Also remember that Designing price also change with design Eg: Half design Rabab or Full design Rabab and may be unique design eg full front and back wood design change the price. for more info, I will say that 2 design eg Full front design may also change from each other because of different shape and time consuming and clearness of design.

There are two types of Rabab design 1) Sadaf (Pearl Sheel) 2) Plastic design (Sangreet).

Rabab price also depends on rabab size but is very less as compare to other factors.

Best wood for rabab is Mulberry but is not must, I mean that it does not mean that every Mulberry wood rabab will be always best because rabab maker expertise, rabab level, and sound also affect the quality.

But if you have choice that which wood to use for you so the best option is the Mulberry Huhhhhh you need to check wood if it’s ok and not broken mean creak and have no holes etc then order it.

Note:- Rabab Masters like old rabab instead of new?? Why answer in the comment below.

New learners like and buy new rababs while musicians mean Rubab Masters prefer to buy used or second-hand rababs as they produce more melodious sounds as compare to new Rubab. The sound of a old wood rabab improves with time – if more it is tune and played, the better the melody.

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