Learning Rabab Notes

To Read Rabab Notes you first need to know which Rabab “Notation System” is used in written notes so you don’t confuse in finding a note in the fretboard of the instrument such as rubab instrument.

so we are using “Star Notation” which was developed after research by Sohail Star in Developing his Rubab Application Research. Which are base on Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Da, Ne, SA (Music Language)…

Small Wording in notes means note in the First two Strings of rubab means String ( Ghata and Bam ). But Capital Wording means Note in Third String. The simple word means (Komal) but a word with “-” mean (Tever=sharp).

First Sargam mean First Practice lesson for Rubab new Student is

s r g m p d n S

then go back as

S n d p m g r s

Second Sargam for Practice in rabab is

s r g

r g m

g m p

m p d

p d n

d n S

then go back as

S n d

n d p

d p m

p m g

m g r

g r s

rabab learning tips

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