Rubab Android Application

My Rubab Android Application is an App where you can find all rabab learning solutions developed by Sohail Star.

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My Rubab is Android application where we can play rubab, find rabab song notes, rabab Sargam and rabab teacher contact and rabab academy information, In this app, we can play rabab like piano and can create a note of the song, You can find about more than thousand of song notes, you can find Raag diagram and Thaat diagram of rabab Frets, you can learn online rabab from this app, and have about 100 of Sargam offline, Included afghani tabla beats for rabab learner and professional. you can play rabab in sa re ga ma pa da ne sa or 12345678, we have research and developed new notation called “star notation” in this app so that rabab user can write and create a note for rabab, this rabab app is tester by Zafar Farooq, Irfan Gulab, Usman Zafar Izhar rabab master, Amjad Malang, Waqar Atal, Hamayoun Sakhi, Rahman Ali, Yousaf Janan, and Sohail star rabab Master. Its a complete solution for Rubab Learner…

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