How to Learn Rabab

To learn Rabab we need to know some basic knowledge and in this tutorial,

we will discuss all important theories and the important learning tips.

First of all when we think about rabab we think about playing music in rabab, and while playing music need the basic of music, and to learn music we need to learn Musical notation mean to express visually represent and aurally perceived music played with instruments, so it mean we need the basic of music at this stage but according to rabab point of view We will

point to “Sa“, “Re“, “Ga“, “Ma“, “Pa“, “Da“, “Ne“, “Sa“.

Which is the basis of music and we can express music in these 7 Notes. Now come to rabab we need to name every fret a name so if we talk about a fret or try to write a book or a note about rabab theory or note so we will easily express it in written form and will make ease in learning rabab after you know the knowledge of rabab note notation then you can start playing a note in rabab, you can practice note in rabab and you can understand written notes and can write your own note too.

after you learn rabab notation then you can learn rabab online from a teacher or from written books etc. Now there is a lot of rabab note notation especially in (1,2,3) created by many teachers for his students but is not standard notation so the new students can read it.

So “Muhammad Sohail” The Software developer research on rabab notation and create a new notation called “Star Notation” after research on guitar notation, piano notation, and then verify rabab research from rabab teachers and then implement that notation in Android application named “My Rabab” was uploaded to PlayStore and share a lot of note in that notation in his Youtube channel named “Rabab Sargam” and find that is working correctly for what it was developed.

The screenshot of “My Rabab Notation”

First string which is unNamed is

“s” second string is “m” the third is “n”

Now if you search for a rabab note there will be some note in 1,2,3 formats like this following.

This is not the way to express “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ne Sa” because rabab is so complicated instrument in which we play Classical and Simi Classical and play Raags in which we sometimes need to say “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ne Sa” but that time we cant say “10” for “Sa” so if we feel problem after become expert in rabab we need from the first day to go on correct way.

Once 1,2,3 format was used because there was lack of education to rabab experts but now everything is changed Rabab Masters are educated and this format dont fulfill the need for rabab note representation in every situation.

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Now if you understand the basics of rabab note represantation you can start your first note called “Rabab First Sargam” practice which we will give you in the next tutorial.

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  1. Thank you sir this information is very helpful . I can learn alot from this notes you have had uploaded. As soon as i buy a rabab i will contact you through the number above given, and can you please tell me about where and which rabab i buy?

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