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Before learning Rubab you need to know the names of Rubab parts because later Rubab learning Videos and learning books will not explain each and everything.

Rubab’s parts in Pashtu

Note:- Rubab lovers are mostly from Afghanistan and Pakistan and they are mostly Pashtuns (Pashto speakers) so you will need to learn the names Rubab’s parts in Pashtu because when you would face Rubab masters or when you will order some part of Rubab online so, you will deal with Pashtuns that’s why you have to learn the names of Rubab’s parts in Pashtu language.

English Language Name (Pushto Language Name)  Dari (Persian  Language Name) of Rubab Parts.
Rubab (Rabab)

Main Strings( Taar ) Tar: ~ : Main Melody Strings

Main Strings Names ( da har Taar nom)

Bam String some time called Jorha.

Sympathetic Strings: ( Bachi ) Sim-e tarab: ~ :Child String 

Long Drone:  ( Shatar )  Shahtar

Crown / Head (Sanhai) Taj

Pearl Shells ( Sadaf ) ~ Half Sadaf design( Nema Sena Sadaf )

Full Sadaf Design ( Thola Sena Sadaf )

Fret ( parda )

Pegs ( ghwagee ): Gushak ~ Tuning Peg

Skin ( guday / chamrah ) Post ~ Skin of goat

Bridge( thathoo )  Kharak

Shortest sympathetic string that serves as high drone: Parsian (Sim-e barchak) in pushto (thalai, chamnay).

Crown Side/ Upper  Bridge ~ (Taaj Tatoo)

Beads ( Danee )

Finger Board( takhta ) Sina  ~ The wooden lid on the upper chamber with fret-board

Black and White Stripes (Spin Toor Patha)

Blue Beads( perozi danee )

Pick / Plectrum ( shabaz ) Mezrab

It is played with a plectrum made of coconut shell, ebony, bone or any other hard material

Neck ( motai )

Bowl ( kasa ) ~ The two sound chambers

String Holder( Shata ghwagea) Targir  ~ String-holder at bottom of the kasa:

The above Rubab names is according to “My Rubab V1 Book” written by M.Sohail for Rubab learner. 

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