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To buy a rabab from the rabab shop you can contact WhatsApp 0092-323-9694096.

We deliver rabab to all the world, we design any quality and design any size of rabab, we create our own and can order rabab from Kabal afghani rabab, Peshawar rabab, chatrali rabab, full Sadaf, half Sadaf, and simple rabab.

We design a new rabab of your choice and also sale old rababs, select a new design or want to order your own design or want to see old rababs in stock of our rabab shop just WhatsApp us and select your choice rabab and it will be ready to deliver.

We also buy old rabab and can also sale your rabab, we repair and teach rabab too.

to order rabab, buy rabab, sale rabab, design rabab, learn rabab, repair rabab just WhatsApp on +92-323-9694096

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      1. We are from Pakistan but we also order rubabs from afghanistan according to your need :-). if you are still unable to contact us on WhatsApp just write your number here we will contact you on your WhatsApp or Imo :-).

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